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A product strategist helping startups best fulfill their vision.

San Francisco, CA.

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Creating the Mobile Web

Space Puzzle

Striving to make the mobile web awesome

(Two images on the right) Deem -- I spearheaded the mobile web cross-platform framework at Rearden Commerce. This framework powers Fortune 500 travel applications on multiple platforms and continents.

(Far left) Dolo -- a micro geolocation app specifically for checking-in to Dolores Park, SF.

(Second from left) Space Puzzle -- a picture scramble app written in HTML5. It works on Android, iOS, and Webkit. To play it. Or see the code on my Github.

Helping People Vote


For the 2012 General Election, I designed and built an early voting finder app for the Obama campaign. It was created in six days.


Building Web
for the Big Guys

Between working at Pop, Rearden, and freelancing, my code and ideas are used by millions of people.


A 24-Hour Hackathon for Humanity


A viral campaign to help Japan

A small team I was on created this website in a 24-hour sprint. We had seen the momentum humanitarian efforts could gain from viral campaigns. This inspired us to create a viral campaign that successfully galvanized shoppers and businesses to donate to the Japanese earthquake relief efforts. Over 60 businesses signed up around the world and over $10,000 was raised.


Everyday I am inspired by what I see and read on the Internet. These are a few of my favorites -- sites that I visit regularly and participate in actively. See what I'm up to on these networks.

  • GitHub

    GitHub is the best place to collaborate, learn, and contribute to programming projects.
    See my projects.

  • Flickr

    Despite the rise of Instagram, I continue to be amazed by the photography on Flickr.
    View my photography.

  • Soundcloud

    I listen to Soundcloud every day. It is the best source of music on the Internet.
    Listen to my DJ mixes.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is one of my main technology news sources.
    Review my tweets.


    I can browse FFFFOUND for hours. The images are beautiful, creative, and inspiring.
    Check out my FFFFOUND page.



Alex is a web technologist with expertise developing for the mobile web, JavaScript, CSS, responsive design, and web application and web marketing design. My number one goal is to build easy-to-use, beautiful experiences.

Alex is at Planet, a web development agency, building web applications for companies as well as building its own products.

Visit my blogs: Smooth Sailing and It's Not Rocket Science.


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